Here is what some of Linda’s clients have said:

"As the President and CEO of a $43 billion federally regulated bank…on numerous occasions when faced with a significant challenge or issue, I have sought Linda’s counsel and guidance. Every single time I have out of our meetings with a clearer focus, revitalized energy, and a restored confidence that I could succeed."
Don Coulter,
President & CEO, Concentra
"Linda’s incredible warmth, matched with her formidable intelligence sets the perfect tone for our meetings...She has the ability to make it personal in the best possible way. She understands that our work and personal lives are intermeshed, part of our total journey."
Michelle Grady,
EVP, Sony Pictures Imageworks
"Linda worked with me as an advisor and coach for eight years in my role as CEO of Changequity; a private equity firm, and two operating companies in the tourism and transportation industry. Linda has a measured and practical coaching style that quickly won my confidence…Linda generously shared her broad and deep experience in our conversations which resonated with me..."
Robert Safrata,
CEO, Changequity
"Linda has been a key figure in driving positive change and action in my life. Not only has she stood by me through long, drawn out circumstances, she has kept me calibrated along the way and given me the confidence to trust in my gut. She has pulled some of the deepest thoughts out of me and consistently kept the long game in mind."
Joel Abramson,
CEO, Fully Managed